Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22/10 - hard to describe where this is but suffice it to say, walls are going up!
sorry folks, couldn't rotate this photo or delete turn your head to the left!
this one too...we are stripping doors getting ready to repaint!
door stripping in process...Barbara is working her fingers to the bone on this project while I am at work!
The room at the back is my old office, it is being divided into 2 rooms for guest bathrooms.


  1. Thanks for the update. What is going to go on the wall that backs up to the two bathrooms, is that where the laundry room is going? Will the door to the outside be where your closet is now?

  2. the wall that backs up to the 2 bathrooms which is my old bedroom becomes an office. on the other side of the office, towards the back yard will be the laundry room. The closet will be in the office and it stays, we will use it for storing craft stuff etc...the door to outside will be between the laundry room and my bedroom.

  3. I know it must seem that i am up at o dark thirty (which i really am) but the time that posts has to be pacific time, not eastern time as it is rally now 7:37 AM.

  4. i can't spell "really" is early!