Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More trim, in fact the trim is almost all done and we see lots of painting ahead!
doors and windows are all trimmed out
Barbara's windows
the finishing touch on the tray ceiling...rope lighting...thanks Aaron!
This is the back splash laid out and will start going up fact I practically had to tie Barbara down as she was so anxious to start tiling today.

Needless to say but I AM THRILLED with the granite!
can't wait to see the back splash up
so very cool!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the final piece of trim is going on and then we can paint it all
the oven has been installed
the counters go in tomorrow so the place was cleaned up nice and neat
check back tomorrow night for pictures of the absolute black granite counters
the bar top too!
my shower valve...doesn't work correctly so tomorrow i will pick up one that does!
Barbara's shower sill has been is travertine marble and until it sets follow the directions please
another view...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dumpster #4 and it is overflowing. seriously need another one Gregg!
My bathroom sink and faucet
Barbara's rain shower head! woo-hoo!
2 shower heads require 2 valves.
Barbara's sink and faucet
Claw foot bathroom is coming together...not quite finished but the most important fixture is in place and working...
bath tub is in place but not hooked up yet

sink is in place but not hooked up yet

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We've been so busy working on trim stuff I just haven't had time or energy to post new pictures! The crown molding, baseboards and door trim is going on and Barbara and I are following the guys around - as soon as they are done nailing we are plugging those nail holes and sanding...getting ready to paint the trim
My bedroom - tray and ceiling with crown molding. Notice in the tray part, the molding does not go all the way up...that is because there will be rope lighting behind the molding and it will be a subtle light...can hardly wait to see it.
Barbara's is the same
the post in the kitchen
the office...
Barbara put up temporary shades in her room yesterday as that room is shade trees to keep it cool like my room
the crown molding in the hallway.
all the trim on the floor of the family room...this room has seen it's share of wood piles! notice the window trim that has had all the nail holes plugged...that is what we've been up to!sadly...i could almost not bear to look at shower needed some tiles is sooooooo important to buy enough tile in the beginning with the same lot number. we had enough but one box was not seen by the tile installer so another box was purchased. the new tile was a slightly "pinker" white and it was only obvious when the grout was applied...then it was blaring. UGH...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the wainscoting (the part that is finished) is painted so the fixtures can be installed.
we have decided not to put doors on the linen closet in the claw foot tub bathroom. it will have open shelving so Gregg suggested the wainscoting go all the way around.

the trim is going up around the doors.
and the windows
the trim isn't complete yet but it is close
the crown molding is going up in the tray ceilings and will have rope lighting installed above it...can't wait to see that. this is Barbara's bedroom
close up...
looking down the hall to the north door
my bedroom, crown molding is up and the door framing is in process
lookin good!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You can tell by the lighting that it is early morning...this morning, preparing to move the shed.

the photo doesn't really show how rotten the plywood base had gotten
Jack is, as usual, checking every single thing out
this is where the shed will end up

this is all the stuff that was in the shed. we unloaded it yesterday afternoon and with the typical weather pattern we were concerned about rain...fortunately it did not rain
Here's the crew
deciding the best way to tackle this problem
good took less than a minute to move it across the yard
getting there...
just set it down...
shew! thanks guys!
our second project today was to paint the wainscoting in the bathroom...2 coats in between loading up the shed

we still have some touch up painting to do but it is looking great
a couple different views...