Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the crawl space cover is done
picture is a little hazy because it had just rained and my lens fogged up but the carport is almost clean
my car is parked in there...that is a good thing
not bad...
the old laundry room, now the carport storage room is cleaned and being organized
camping gear is on the shelf
we put down self stick vinyl 12x12 tiles hoping it will stay cleaner
my old friend Dan came to visit and we put him to work...thanks Dan! you too Dianne & Chris!
Drywall is repaired, taped, mudded and painted

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I know what you are thinking...that pile of boxes hasn't changed but it has. we moved some boxes back into the attic...to be dealt with later..l.then we moved boxes out of the front bedroom and from the office so really...things are progressing!
See! the front bedroom is almost ready for guest...just a few more things to move out of there but we are so much closer!
my work desk is actually in the office...yes it seems a mess but give me some time and it will be organized!
the carport has once again been filled with stuff...good thing it isn't a garage. we'd never be able to use it. it will all be put away, give us a day or so..
the carport storage room has been emptied...evidenced by the picture you just saw...we put up drywall several years ago but did not have time to properly finish it so here we are...doing just that.
sanding and painting this today(Sunday)
just how do 2 people come up with so much stuff???
look closely...Barbara & Dianne are there working...
stuff...stuff...stuff...surely we don't need half this stuff
the fence/gate to the patio has been installed...now we have to build the patio. we have been collecting bricks and should have enough to do the job thanks to friends and Craig's list!

Friday, September 3, 2010

sorry, the internet is iffy here so i have to post a few at a time.
this is the new sidewalk beside the carport...a new spot by the fence to put the trash can and recycle bins! wahoo!
carport steps...this one will probably change :-( because one of us...that would be me...does not like the height of the step.
patio door step...actually haven't tried this one yet.
driveway, which i have tried and love it. what a wonderful addition to our addition!
how the sidewalk ties into the driveway.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We spent this weekend doing a little decorating, hanging curtains, moving furniture here and there...this is my bedroom.
another shot of the tapestry chair in my room...different lighting and i liked them both so you get to see both
we put the light fixtures up before the curtains then we had to move the fixtures because of the curtains...a little backwards...
we finished the entertainment center bridge...stressed about that one but Barbara figured it out and our wonderful neighbor Robin helped put it up
moved the computers etc...
Barbara's too

spiffed up the place for a little party...our first.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello all my faithful followers...you have no idea how busy we are staying moving in to our new spaces. lovely picture on the tv huh...well this is our new tv and entertainment center...not quite finished but we are working on it. the cabinet on the floor goes above the tv and we are in the process of figuring out exactly how to secure it and the tall cabinets on each side to the wall.
new couch, love seat and lounge chair...thank you Grant and Gina!
the boxes are dwindling...too slowly for me but we are getting there
the back and side yards were leveled...a little dirt added and hopefully some irrigation and grass next
unfortunately it poured today so this turned into a mud fest for a while...it was not fun
the patio is getting closer. we are collecting all our bricks and looking for more. today we found a couple hundred more on craig's list and will get more tomorrow...if we have calculated correctly we need about 200 more.
it really is a bit of a mess but soon...
the driveway preparation is coming along and the concrete should be poured friday
Maggie's garden is also undergoing a renovation.
sorry I took so long getting back but I will keep at it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I am back...if only for a moment as i have to head out soon. We have been crazy busy and this is truly the first few minutes I've had to blog and it is a rush job at that. I have more photos but no time to download so i will try to get back later to finish up.
the bath tub is finally hooked up and operational!

my bedroom has furniture...of course there are still lots of boxes to be unpacked in this room but that is a serious understatement!
more boxes...
the mini blinds in the laundry room are up
the sink in the laundry room is hooked up
the siding is painted...the trim however is not
front porch
front door...is about to be replaced...
south side and carport
boxes boxes everywhere they can be stacked they are stacked!
behind the couch
in the dining room
in the office
in the carport...but not for long, they were all moved inside same day. we emptied both attics...above the living room and above the carport. over 100 boxes...we lost count...now we have to unpack them all...