Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our closets are fitted with shelving - oh so nice shelving...and Barbara has already started filling hers up. i am not that far along that i can move my clothing in yet...maybe tomorrow

this is what i worked on today. my bathroom cabinet that has given Gregg such a fit it almost done. It has a first coat of paint and the second tomorrow...
the make up mirror is is 5x...these eyes aren't as good as they used to be
the nail holes have been spackled
my bedroom windows have been painted and mini blinds hung
the tape didn't work as well as i'd hoped...when the tape was peeled off the "Mere" pain had seeped under the tape onto the white is too daunting to think of going back and fixing it right now...maybe no one will notice (except me)
the siding is looking good...ok...did i already post photos of the brain is bordering on exhaustion so i can't remember...if i did...suffer through more pictures please.
this is the primed will NOT be this color

it was only 97 degrees out while the siding was being installed yet these guys started at 8:00 am and left at 5:30 pm. hard workers!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Things are a happenin! furniture has arrived and this huge addition is filling up quickly. Some of the heavy oak pieces have already gone to Aaron's house as they are just to big for this space.
Until we can afford the piece we want for this space (nice unit from IKEA) this piece will have to stay.
the office is overflowing with furniture that doesn't have a space yet. we are working furiously to get everything moved around though.
the clock will move to the left a little and it really looks great in this space
this was our last job last night...putting in the pantry shelves
Barbara's room is about finished. she has moved almost all her stuff in (except what is on the POD) and is using it.
the windows in her room were painted and the mini blinds installed

Bed has been made
Aaron helped us put the rest of the closet shelving up and the mini blinds

Sunday, July 25, 2010 is Sunday evening and the floors are mostly done...a few finishing touches to be added tomorrow i said yesterday the floor guys were supposed to work all weekend...well...they showed up this morning at 8:30. so i guess i should be happy that they if you were betting on that yesterday lost.
the floor is still drying so all i could do was open the door and take a couple photos
from the living room looking back
grrr....these guys...we can barely get out into the carport for the mess they left...they are on my list of never again...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi ya' new pictures to post as there isn't anything that can be seen. Barbara and I have been touching up the paint at the trim and baseboard cover the caulk.

The floor is supposed (that is the operative word) to be started today...the final light sanding and final finish will be applied. that will take most of the weekend and possibly a few more days...speaking from experience with this crew. they are good at their job but their work hours are like nothing i've ever experienced. and the promise that they will be here between 9 and 10 this morning...we are taking bets on that one...

the siding is also scheduled to start today. but...the remnants of storm Bonnie may prevent that. we are using a cement board siding called Hardieplank and if i haven't already given away the color scheme you will have to wait. as we are getting down to the finish line i have to leave you some suspense!

we won't be able to go into the new part of the house until the floor is done so we will work on other projects...finishing up the first guest bath...has some painting and touch up stuff to do. the claw foot tub bath has a few things needed to finish it up too but that floor will also be included in the final coat. speaking of that bathroom...Leslie asked about the toilet paper holder. i think it is one of those have to see in person is not "so far" away. hope you get to see it soon!

i am off to start the day...have to be ready for the floor guys!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're back! took a few days off and went to a cousins family reunion in Eureka Springs, Arkansas...beautiful place and lots of laughter and fun!

Dumpster (sort of) #5
The siding is all gone with a few one wants to tackle that space behind the electric panel outside so it is still there but the chimney had some water damage and the wood had to be replaced
the wood at the base of the storage/laundry room has some water damage and will need to be replaced
the awning had to come down and will need new vinyl before it goes back up...have to decide on a color now...
to answer some of your we did not have a door bell...the previous owners had one.
my closet door is hung and framed and even painted.
Gregg put tile up the corner beside the closet trim which looks good and solves the "what if it gets wet" problem
Barbara's rope lighting has been installed
my mirror and towel ring are installed
the guest room mirror and towel ring have been installed

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm back! sorry dear has been really crazy busy here. Today the vinyl siding is coming off! HOORAY!!!
now you see it...
now you don't!

front porch
the old siding is in really good condition...surprisingly
out of order but you can see the before and after
it looks like the old house had shutters

back inside...this is the laundry room...the tile is laid and grouted and the door to the a/c, water heater closet has been hung...more painting in store for us
we found a pretty perfect cabinet for the claw foot tub bathroom cubby
this is Barbara's toilet...notice the lighthouse flusher!
my bathroom linen closet has doors...we re-used the linen doors from my old bathroom
the office closet...another set of doors re-used...these were on the pantry
the kitchen cabinets have been finished...the spacers put on and the crown molding installed
the color of the spacers is a little lighter but it will darken to match the doors
we can't wait to use the kitchen!
good news...the drawer we thought we would lose under the cook top only needed a little notch out of the back and a little trim on the top of the drawer inside so we can still use it! YIPPEE!
thanks for being faithful followers. this journey will soon come to an end and you know we are thrilled with that.