Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the crawl space cover is done
picture is a little hazy because it had just rained and my lens fogged up but the carport is almost clean
my car is parked in there...that is a good thing
not bad...
the old laundry room, now the carport storage room is cleaned and being organized
camping gear is on the shelf
we put down self stick vinyl 12x12 tiles hoping it will stay cleaner
my old friend Dan came to visit and we put him to work...thanks Dan! you too Dianne & Chris!
Drywall is repaired, taped, mudded and painted

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  1. I am impressed. The "old laundry room" carport storage looks great. I have never seen it so empty and never will again, I'm sure. Dan looks good. Life must be treating him well. It has probably been 35 years since I have seen him.