Sunday, September 5, 2010

I know what you are thinking...that pile of boxes hasn't changed but it has. we moved some boxes back into the be dealt with later..l.then we moved boxes out of the front bedroom and from the office so really...things are progressing!
See! the front bedroom is almost ready for guest...just a few more things to move out of there but we are so much closer!
my work desk is actually in the office...yes it seems a mess but give me some time and it will be organized!
the carport has once again been filled with stuff...good thing it isn't a garage. we'd never be able to use it. it will all be put away, give us a day or so..
the carport storage room has been emptied...evidenced by the picture you just saw...we put up drywall several years ago but did not have time to properly finish it so here we are...doing just that.
sanding and painting this today(Sunday)
just how do 2 people come up with so much stuff???
look closely...Barbara & Dianne are there working...
stuff...stuff...stuff...surely we don't need half this stuff
the fence/gate to the patio has been we have to build the patio. we have been collecting bricks and should have enough to do the job thanks to friends and Craig's list!


  1. just a note...I really have been trying for days to post but one thing or another, internet down, unsuccessful attempts to upload...just wanted you all to know I have been trying!

  2. Since my visit I haven't been going through withdrawals so much when you don't post. It is hard to believe you two have SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!
    - grins -