Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our closets are fitted with shelving - oh so nice shelving...and Barbara has already started filling hers up. i am not that far along that i can move my clothing in yet...maybe tomorrow

this is what i worked on today. my bathroom cabinet that has given Gregg such a fit it almost done. It has a first coat of paint and the second tomorrow...
the make up mirror is is 5x...these eyes aren't as good as they used to be
the nail holes have been spackled
my bedroom windows have been painted and mini blinds hung
the tape didn't work as well as i'd hoped...when the tape was peeled off the "Mere" pain had seeped under the tape onto the white is too daunting to think of going back and fixing it right now...maybe no one will notice (except me)
the siding is looking good...ok...did i already post photos of the brain is bordering on exhaustion so i can't remember...if i did...suffer through more pictures please.
this is the primed will NOT be this color

it was only 97 degrees out while the siding was being installed yet these guys started at 8:00 am and left at 5:30 pm. hard workers!


  1. ok...i did say i was exhausted. i forgot to take pictures of my bathroom cabinets with the first coat of have to wait until tomorrow folks...sorry.

  2. I see you posted around 8:00 last night. I checked at 10 and didn't see an update. Weird. Anyway, things are progressing nicely....from this side. The siding is really nice. Will they do anything with the space below the siding?

  3. i think the time set on this must be central or even pacific. i actually posted after 11. the footer below the siding will painted and will have fill up to a point. the yard will be grated and filled soon.