Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi ya' new pictures to post as there isn't anything that can be seen. Barbara and I have been touching up the paint at the trim and baseboard cover the caulk.

The floor is supposed (that is the operative word) to be started today...the final light sanding and final finish will be applied. that will take most of the weekend and possibly a few more days...speaking from experience with this crew. they are good at their job but their work hours are like nothing i've ever experienced. and the promise that they will be here between 9 and 10 this morning...we are taking bets on that one...

the siding is also scheduled to start today. but...the remnants of storm Bonnie may prevent that. we are using a cement board siding called Hardieplank and if i haven't already given away the color scheme you will have to wait. as we are getting down to the finish line i have to leave you some suspense!

we won't be able to go into the new part of the house until the floor is done so we will work on other projects...finishing up the first guest bath...has some painting and touch up stuff to do. the claw foot tub bath has a few things needed to finish it up too but that floor will also be included in the final coat. speaking of that bathroom...Leslie asked about the toilet paper holder. i think it is one of those have to see in person is not "so far" away. hope you get to see it soon!

i am off to start the day...have to be ready for the floor guys!

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