Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm back! sorry dear has been really crazy busy here. Today the vinyl siding is coming off! HOORAY!!!
now you see it...
now you don't!

front porch
the old siding is in really good condition...surprisingly
out of order but you can see the before and after
it looks like the old house had shutters

back inside...this is the laundry room...the tile is laid and grouted and the door to the a/c, water heater closet has been hung...more painting in store for us
we found a pretty perfect cabinet for the claw foot tub bathroom cubby
this is Barbara's toilet...notice the lighthouse flusher!
my bathroom linen closet has doors...we re-used the linen doors from my old bathroom
the office closet...another set of doors re-used...these were on the pantry
the kitchen cabinets have been finished...the spacers put on and the crown molding installed
the color of the spacers is a little lighter but it will darken to match the doors
we can't wait to use the kitchen!
good news...the drawer we thought we would lose under the cook top only needed a little notch out of the back and a little trim on the top of the drawer inside so we can still use it! YIPPEE!
thanks for being faithful followers. this journey will soon come to an end and you know we are thrilled with that.


  1. I forgot I had a couple questions.
    What is the siding going to be?
    In the bathtub bathroom, why is the toilet paper so far away from the toilet? - grins -