Monday, August 16, 2010

I am back...if only for a moment as i have to head out soon. We have been crazy busy and this is truly the first few minutes I've had to blog and it is a rush job at that. I have more photos but no time to download so i will try to get back later to finish up.
the bath tub is finally hooked up and operational!

my bedroom has furniture...of course there are still lots of boxes to be unpacked in this room but that is a serious understatement!
more boxes...
the mini blinds in the laundry room are up
the sink in the laundry room is hooked up
the siding is painted...the trim however is not
front porch
front about to be replaced...
south side and carport
boxes boxes everywhere they can be stacked they are stacked!
behind the couch
in the dining room
in the office
in the carport...but not for long, they were all moved inside same day. we emptied both attics...above the living room and above the carport. over 100 boxes...we lost we have to unpack them all...

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  1. Wow, more boxes in the office, We had just gotten them pared down and out of the way. I see things have been moved on the carport. Only one fridge. Music box gone? Barbie's lamp looks nice in that corner of the family room. I see stuff on the shelves in the office already. Have you got hot water and gas to the cook top yet? Made your first meal?