Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the siding is primed a mustard yellow so it is difficult to see very well but this bottom left of this photo is one of the colors we are trying
this is the second color we are trying straight will just have to check back later to see which one we chose!

My closet is quickly filling up!
my furniture is in- for some reason i now have underlining and can't seem to turn it off???

the bed is made and the hangers are my attempt at keeping a certain dog off my pillows...and it works
my bathroom cabinet is painted but the doors need a trim and will then need painting
i know this looks chaotic but we are getting there
the pantry is bursting at the seams with the combination of two households...can't wait to start cooking! the gas will be hooked up tomorrow...woo hoo!
a few finishing touches in the clawfoot tub bath
the brown towels really pop on the "pillow soft" blue/green
a little glass shelf has been installed above the tub
my furniture has been moved out and the white wicker bedroom is temporarily ready for guests...still needs a coat of paint or two and the floors will have to be redone...somewhere down the road

the living/dining room is getting back to normal
the carport however is not...
we do have too much stuff!
the POD was delivered this morning for the last time. note the original pickup date of 8/5/09. a year ago tomorrow!
if you have never seen a POD being delivered it is quite fascinating...of course in my haste i have downloaded the photos backwards
the big frame lifts it off the truck and rolls it into place

the siding is almost done

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  1. Wow. The siding is the icing on the cake. Looks so good. I don't envy all you have to do. You two deserve a great big medal and a vacation when it's done. Stubbs have that good 'ole pioneer spirit!!!