Sunday, August 29, 2010

We spent this weekend doing a little decorating, hanging curtains, moving furniture here and there...this is my bedroom.
another shot of the tapestry chair in my room...different lighting and i liked them both so you get to see both
we put the light fixtures up before the curtains then we had to move the fixtures because of the curtains...a little backwards...
we finished the entertainment center bridge...stressed about that one but Barbara figured it out and our wonderful neighbor Robin helped put it up
moved the computers etc...
Barbara's too

spiffed up the place for a little party...our first.


  1. Very nice. When you go looking for the blinds for the office - remember they are in the window. You have probably looked at them so many times you don't even see them any more. When are you going to hang Susan's picture? How was your party? Was everyone impressed?

  2. we have already purchased a second set of mini blinds because we did not remember the first set. we still have to paint the window and frame which is why the mini blinds have not been installed yet!

    everyone loved the addition...will hang the picture when we decide exactly where to put it...need to unpack before we do much decorating and accessorizing!