Wednesday, May 5, 2010

more progress...the seams have been taped and mudded...strange word...this is looking out the kitchen window

looking from the kitchen into the family if you all haven't figured this out by now...
from the family room into the kitchen...the lines are a little wavy and disconcerting
laundry room
my bedroom, looking east
looking south into the storage closet

linen closet in my bathroom
my shower
window in my bathroom
looking into my bedroom from inside my closet


  1. I see you have two Markland followers. Wonder what happened to the third one. I'll have to send her the link.
    So cool watching the progress and not breathing in all the dust.
    Thanks for my fix. I am always so excited when I see you have posted. :-)

  2. Yipes. Stripes. Beu, Stubbs got 'em.
    Progress, Yes.

  3. Hello, help a girl out here. Post some more photos. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry for the delay but as you can see in the new posting, this is a slow process and even though they were here on Friday you can't see much difference. Monday you will definitely be able to see the difference!