Friday, May 14, 2010

We are choosing colors...this is Barbara's bathroom and she chose the first one on the left
None of these colors worked for her you have to check back and see what she did choose!
all the walls have been primed and this weekend we are painting on colors before the flooring gets installed...this way we don't have to be too careful!
tray ceiling in my bedroom
it is hard to see but the laundry room color will be warm yellow...last color on the left
you can just see the color I chose for my bathroom. Gregg is "mudding" the shower pan.
this is the color for my bedroom, basically the same color as my last bedroom
the kitchen/family room color

the far wall in the family room will be a slightly darker shade


  1. love the colors. can't wait to see them done. Are you doing the painting or are they?

  2. They primed...we are painting. Florida gal and dude came up to help...we will be painting fools all weekend.