Saturday, May 15, 2010

Painting day! Barbara is painting her tray ceiling - same color as her bathroom and the walls are a softer color
a better view of the tray
Florida dude...checking his cell phone - multi tasking!
Florida gal painting Barbara's bathroom
Family room wall looking towards the back wall which is a slightly darker shade
back wall
family room windows
facing west from the family room
my bedroom
my tray ceiling...same color as my bathroom
looking from my bedroom out to the hall
more of my bedroom


  1. oh, I am so envious, you had those Florida people helping you. :-) Love the colors. Oh my gosh it is so cool, just beautiful. One of the pictures I am questioning. You say looking out of your bedroom into the hall, but I think it is out of the bathroom looking into your bedroom.

  2. you are correct...i was extremely tired! it is from my bathroom into my bedroom...the idea was to see the effect of the color or my bathroom against the color of the bedroom...subtle difference. Wish you were here!