Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grasping at straws...not much to journal so i am taking pictures of the toilets that are about to be installed.

a few of the kitchen cabinets have been moved yet again...actually they were all moved to another location for the flooring installation. while the floors are being refinished everything has been moved to the laundry room which does not have wood flooring
this is the vanity and light fixture for my bathroom which will be installed tomorrow
the kitchen floor is being sanded first as the cabinet installation is scheduled for Monday so it has to be ready. this floor was covered with multiple layers of vinyl and linoleum for more years than i have lived here so the discovery of wood underneath was a plus...unfortunately there are a few stains that will not sand out so that wood will need to be replaced
you can see the amazing difference!
this is so exciting!
the french doors we just stripped had some solid steel hardware that cleaned up rather nicely...this is what it looked like before it was cleaned...sorry, i forgot to take a photo after it was cleaned so you have to wait until the doors are back from the framers and painted to see it cleaned up.


  1. Thank you for my fix. I wasn't sure you would have anything to post until Monday. Have we seen the one bathroom finished?

  2. Cool. Do you think they will be able to match the wood in the kitchen that needs to be replaced?

  3. one of the bathrooms has been finished for months and it was posted.

    the wood is turning out to be all the same color which is a nice surprise. i thought the new (old) wood was more red but it must be the old varnish because it is sanding out yellow not red! so yes, they should be able to match...even if they have to move the wood around so the stained parts are under the cabinets!