Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Sunday morning and the floor guys will be here soon to finish up (one can only hope). Almost everything is sanded and puttied with just a few wall edges left to do. the puttied floor will be sanded once again and a first coat of sealer applied. it is going to be a long day (one can only hope!)

the hallway and the storage room at the end of the hall still has edges to be sanded.
a close up of the edge and the putty
family room
the office and the closet. the flooring of the closet is just plywood - who knows why it was never finished with flooring and i just covered it with carpeting when it was my bedroom - it is a closet and will have doors it doesn't matter. I asked the finishers to sand it and see how it looks pretty good for plywood!

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