Saturday, June 12, 2010

My bedroom...sanded and puttied...
the office is still in process...i hope that the faded wood, caused by the rug will sand out...
i bet your asking what is this??? this is a light switch...we almost have all the electric completed
fan in my bedroom
light in laundry room
lights in hallway
lights in family room
fan in Barbara's room
fans in the family/breakfast room
lights in the is next


  1. Finally, I kept watching for this last night. Once you get your craft area set up you can produce lots of fan/light pulls. How are the adjustments coming with ill fitting appliances? Not much longer now.

  2. the cabinet installer comes back Tuesday to move the refrigerator cabinet over 3 inches. it means we will have to exchange our 50 bottle wine cooler for a smaller one but that's ok with us. the cook top however will not be such an easy fix. we will lose the use of the top drawer but we will deal with it...ugh...i'd rather that than exchange the cook top - not that we could...