Friday, June 18, 2010

Barbara's bedroom with baseboards
door to her bedroom and closet door is to the right
Barbara's bathroom door on the right, closet door on the left...obviously needing paint but they are hung!
storage room door
wine cooler...we had to take the 50 bottle cooler back and get a smaller one so the refrigerator cabinet could be made bigger

We have doors, of course they need to be painted but we have doors! this is my bedroom door
The claw foot bathroom has wainscoting! of course it needs to be painted which will happen tomorrow.
we also have base boards
the office doors from the family room
oops...a little out of order but i am too tired to change it...more of the claw foot bathroom


  1. Can't wait to see more. Things seem to be changing by leaps and bounds now.

  2. Looking at the photo of Barbie's doors, I sure hope that the bathroom door doesn't really lean to the right and it is just a trick of the camera lense.

  3. I was checking just in case you updated. YOU UPDATED!!!! OMGsh. It's starting to look like a real house.