Monday, June 28, 2010

Dumpster #4 and it is overflowing. seriously need another one Gregg!
My bathroom sink and faucet
Barbara's rain shower head! woo-hoo!
2 shower heads require 2 valves.
Barbara's sink and faucet
Claw foot bathroom is coming together...not quite finished but the most important fixture is in place and working...
bath tub is in place but not hooked up yet

sink is in place but not hooked up yet


  1. Not much longer now. Maybe that is why Greg hasn't replaced the dumpster. Hoping he won't need to? What is the area behind Barbies sink? Is it a linen closet type area? Love seeing all the photos. Thanks.

  2. replacing the siding will indeed require a 5th dumpster!
    Behind Barbara's sink will be a linen closet, no doors, just shelves with baskets.

  3. Ok. I found my password. :-)
    NICE. I'm lovin' it all.