Saturday, June 5, 2010

Barbara's bedroom fan, bathroom fan and light fixture tucked out of the way in her bathroom in preparation for floor sanding and finishing

her toilet is closer to where it will end up
Barbara's bathroom vanity
my toilet and light fixture awaiting installation
my vanity...just waiting for the plumber to hook it up
the kitchen floor has been sanded and puddy applied to fill in the spaces between the boards

the difference is amazing
sanded and the stained wood has been replaced

from the guest bathroom looking out to the hall
inside the guest bathroom, the far wall is where the claw foot tub will sit
looking towards the kitchen, family room
finding just the right wood to replace the stained wood
tomorrow this will all look quite different...check back!


  1. Wow, I can't believe how much of the floor is done. Things getting moved into rooms, how fun!!!. I just found out I will be off on Friday's this summer. Let me know when my room is ready for occupancy. - grins -

  2. Nani, nani, boo, boo. We already got to use one guest bathroom, Leslie. :-)
    So, tell me again. It takes a few tries to sink in for me. Are they staining the floor or just putting a coating of acrylic or whatever it is?

  3. sorry but i think way more of the floor should be done at this point. i do not understand today's work 2 hours, break for 2 hours, work 45 minutes, be back tomorrow???? there's 1200 sq. ft. of flooring to be sanded and finished so what is up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no stain, just 3 coats of a finishing product...i thought it would be polyurethane but i am not so sure. i will check and let you know.

    kitchen cabinet install is tomorrow!!! appliances will be delivered Wednesday. woohoo!

  4. ps...hey florida gal...whatcha doin up at 3:10AM???