Saturday, June 26, 2010

We've been so busy working on trim stuff I just haven't had time or energy to post new pictures! The crown molding, baseboards and door trim is going on and Barbara and I are following the guys around - as soon as they are done nailing we are plugging those nail holes and sanding...getting ready to paint the trim
My bedroom - tray and ceiling with crown molding. Notice in the tray part, the molding does not go all the way up...that is because there will be rope lighting behind the molding and it will be a subtle light...can hardly wait to see it.
Barbara's is the same
the post in the kitchen
the office...
Barbara put up temporary shades in her room yesterday as that room is shade trees to keep it cool like my room
the crown molding in the hallway.
all the trim on the floor of the family room...this room has seen it's share of wood piles! notice the window trim that has had all the nail holes plugged...that is what we've been up to!sadly...i could almost not bear to look at shower needed some tiles is sooooooo important to buy enough tile in the beginning with the same lot number. we had enough but one box was not seen by the tile installer so another box was purchased. the new tile was a slightly "pinker" white and it was only obvious when the grout was applied...then it was blaring. UGH...


  1. Wow, love it. It is coming along so nicely. Sorry to hear about the shower. Better to notice now,though. I was wondering if that bank of windows in the family room and hall way was going to make it REALLY warm in there. I like Barbie's "temporary" shades. Thanks for posting.

  2. One more thing. Is the oven on that wall going to cause the office to get warm? I know it's not the same thing but we had a fireplace that caused the dining room wall to get hot. We even put a false wall in the fireplace with a half inch air space between the first wall of bricks and the new wall. Didn't help as much as we thought it would though.

  3. The windows by the door by Barbara's room do make it warmer because they get direct afternoon sun but we will put mini blinds or something similar there.
    Not sure about the oven...only time will tell.